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Download a map of venuesIn our first year we found that we attracted larger audiences, and greater generosity from attendees, when it was known that there would be some ‘Christmas Treats’ available…!

So this year everyone can again look forward to free ‘winter warmers’ every evening, whether mulled wine, bubbly, mince pies, sausage rolls or turkey tidbits. In 2012 we had TWICE AS MANY businesses and organisations involved as in our first year. In 2015 we were grateful for the enthusiastic participation of yet more businesses and organisations, including local schools, businesses, churches, local government reps, community groups and charities as well as 24 sets of performers.

(So please remember to be generous to the Charities when you come to watch!)

Our Venues & Partners for 2016 are...

  1. The Town Hall Steps + Spice Merchant
  2. Friday Street + Boatique, Hot Gossip
  3. Leander Club + Brakspear
  4. Phyllis Court
  5. Angel on the Bridge + Copas Turkeys
  6. Hotel du Vin
  7. Hobbs – New Orleans + Henley Literary Festival, Chocolate Café
  8. Handlesbanken + Pachangas
  9. The Town Hall + Kench & Co.
  10. Henley Fire Station + The Head Partnership Solicitors
  11. Falaise Square + Manning UK
  12. Magoos + The Cook Curry Club
  13. Simmons & Son + Knox & Eames
  14. Henley College + Lawlor’s The Bakers
  15. Holy Trinity Church + Penny & Sinclair
  16. The Town Hall + Knight Frank
  17. Falaise Square + Robinson Sherston
  18. d:two
  19. Henley Cricket Club + GPC Marketing
  20. River & Rowing Museum / Henley Festival + Davis Tate
  21. Christ Church + Philip Booth Esq.
  22. Delegate House + Cannelle Beauty
  23. Market Place + Tesco
  24. Saint Mary’s Church

If you are interested in providing a venue, or partnering with a venue, please contact Richard Rodway.