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Living Advent Calendar 2017

Final week starts at d:two
Final week starts at d:two

Night 17 of the Living Advent took place at d:two Baptist Church in front of an audience around 75 people. With refreshments provided by the hosts, Mayor Kellie Hinton welcomed the audience before handing over to Sue Prior to talk about the charity supported that night Nomad. Roger Coles of the Church then played compere introducing the night's surprise act, signer Bryn Haworth who performed a number of festive classics...

Doughboys at the home of Hawks
Doughboys at the home of Hawks

Day 16 of the Living Advent saw the event staged in Corner 81 for the first time, the pavilion at Henley Hawks Rugby Club. A large audience congregated in aid on Parkinsons UK, with some generous raffle prizes donated.

Richard Rodway introduced the night’s surprise act “Anne & The Doughboys” who performed some festive favourites and contemporary classics...

Frogs take to the stage
Frogs take to the stage

The Town Hall provided the venue for the 15th day of the Living Advent. Hosts The Head Partnership Solicitors served refreshments whilst the audience gathered in aid of Riverside Counselling.

At 6:15pm, Richard Rodway conducted a countdown from 5 until the performer emerged from the “advent” door at the back of the stage, revealing the Congo Frog Boudoir Band...

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