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Download a map of venues We are grateful for the enthusiastic participation of yet more businesses and organisations, including local schools, businesses, churches, local government reps, community groups and charities as well as 24 sets of performers.

(So please remember to be generous to the Charities when you come to watch!)

Our Venues & Partners for 2023 are...

  1. The Town Hall Steps + Phantom Brewery / Echoes Taproom in aid of The Royal British Legion
  2. The Henley Masonic Centre + Honk! & Martina Swinburn Counselling in aid of Bishopswood Special School
  3. Phyllis Court + Orchard House in aid of Alzheimers Dementia Support
  4. Angel on the Bridge + Copas Turkeys in aid of The Chiltern Centre
  5. d:twoin aid of Henley Debt Centre
  6. Hotel Du Vin + Niki Schafer Interior Designs in aid of in aid of Hemley Talking Newspaper
  7. Holy Trinity Church + Kench & Co in aid of Regatta For The Disabled
  8. River & Rowing Museum + The Henley Distillery in aid of River & Rowing Museum
  9. Henley Hawks Rugby Club + Crest Nicholson in aid of Camp Mohawk
  10. The Kenton Theatre + Henley Larder in aid of Kenton Theatre
  11. The Relais + Blue Peak Accounting & Tax in aid of Alexander Devine
  12. Magoos + Henley Chocolate Café in aid of Henley Festival RISE
  13. Christ Church + The Old Bell in aid of Henley Youth Festival
  14. Chiltern House + Philip Booth Esq in aid of Parkinsons UK
  15. Eyot Centre + Happy Gurkha in aid of Eyot Centre
  16. Leander Club + Fairmile Vineyard in aid of Thames Valley Animal Welfare
  17. Cricket Club + Nicola Baker Bakes in aid of Henley YMCA
  18. Market Place + THP Solicitors in aid of Headway Thames Valley
  19. Simmons & Sonsin aid of Riverside Counselling
  20. Trinity Hall / The Community Hub + Simon Mack Architecture in aid of The Community Hub
  21. The Catherine Wheelin aid of Henley Music School
  22. The Bull on Bell Streetin aid of Wyfold RDA
  23. The Anchor + Vividly Simple in aid of Ronald McDonald House
  24. Saint Mary’s Church in aid of the Mayor’s causes

If you are interested in providing a venue, or partnering with a venue, please contact Richard Rodway.