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Living Advent Calendar 2016

Curried Acoustics at Debuting Venue
Curried Acoustics at Debuting Venue

The halfway stage of this year’s event was at Magoos, a Living Advent venue for the first time. Audience on arrival at the bar in Hart Street were treated to some delicious curry from partners for the night “Cook Curry Club”. Having been exposed to freezing and then monsoon like conditions at LACal2014 and LACal2015, Kran Sondh was very pleased to be inside in the warm in 2016...

Christmas Chaos in Falaise Square
Christmas Chaos in Falaise Square

A large crowd assembled in Falaise Square for Day 11 of the Living Advent. The event kicked off early as there was a bumper double surprise at the end of the Festive Sunday Shopping Event. At 5:45pm 74 of Stephs Dancing Divas & Dudes entertained the audience, performing to the likes of Olly Murs’ “Dance with me tonight” and Shaking Stevens’ “Merry Christmas Everyone”...

Big Surprise Behind Biggest Advent Doors
Big Surprise Behind Biggest Advent Doors

The biggest Advent doors of this year (the Fire Station garage doors), were opened on night 10 to reveal that the Fire Service were unable to provide their own performance this year. Michael Saunders from the Fire Station explained that illness and absences had precluded them from preparing or performing something this year, but they would have to return with something bigger and better in 2017...

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