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Living Advent Calendar 2013

Pointing to Christmas on the 9th Day by No Direction

One of the joy’s of the Living Advent Calendar is to discover places within your own town that you didn’t know existed, or never had the opportunity to go into before...

Bonus Blog from Isaac Henderson (aged 10), Visiting from Oxford with Grandparents on Day 6

At Friday Street in Henley many people gathered to see the sixth day of the Henley Living Advent Calender. We walked down the Street until we came to a blue tent with an old wedding car parked next to it. We were introduced by Julie Perigo and they unzipped the front of the tent. Standing before us were a trumpeter, a pianist and a drummer, they were the Asher family who own the car. They began to play great Christmassy songs such as Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Santa Claus is Coming to Town. The evening was amazing and it felt like going to the fair. It was an exciting build-up to Christmas.

On the 8th Evening, Kept Baking Warm by The Dough Boys

Over 100 people were kept warm inside the Findlay Suite at the historic Phyllis Court Club on Sunday 8th , and enjoyed their mulled wine. The surprise entertainment was provided by The Dough Boys jazz band, from Lawlor’s bakery. Their renditions of ‘Walking in the Air’ and Silent Night were particularly enjoyed by all. Partners Boatique and Henley Sales & Charter also provided one of their Designer bags as Raffle prizes for the evening...

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