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Living Advent Calendar 2015

Beautiful evening for cricket
Beautiful evening for cricket

The 21st Advent door was opened at Henley Cricket Club, where Eco-Cleen were kind partners in conjunction with habitual Living Advent favourites Lawlors the Bakers...

A selection of treats behind door 20
A selection of treats behind door 20

The Living Advent returned to d:two for day 20, collecting on the night for Nomad again.

A packed d:two saw the audience seated in groups round tables, with puzzles, colouring and sweets for the children, whilst they were all served up popcorn, mince pies, cake and drink...

Santa rescued from roof top
Santa rescued from roof top

There were 2 treats in store behind the 19th Advent door at Henley Fire Station

Ahead of the main performance at 6:15pm, the gathering audience were treated to some Irish dancing from a trio from Rioga Academy. Sponsors The Head Partnership Solicitors were partnering on the night and Richard Rodway of the Head Partnership and Living Advent provided the audience with pastries, and lollies for the children....

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