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Living Advent Calendar 2016

Big Night for Holy Trinity Debut
Big Night for Holy Trinity Debut

The Living Advent marked it’s first visit to Holy Trinity Church with a bumper night. A large audience all but filled the church for a 45 minute performance by the Henley Music School. Children of different ages from the school, showcasing their breadth of their talents performed a variety of festive and contemporary climax, with a wonderful ensemble production of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” perhaps being the highlight of the evening...

WoTJam join HoTBakers
WoTJam join HoTBakers

The 14th Advent Doors were the sliding glass doors to the main reception at Henley College. The audience were greeted outside by Lawlors Bakers, partners for the evening, serving cake, mince pies and squash.

Inside, the audience were treated to an uptempo jazz set by 8 piece band WotJam, a group from Whitchurch who get together for a “jam”...

Gillotts in the Gardens
Gillotts in the Gardens

The Living Advent door for night #13 was the back door to the offices of Simmons & Son in Bell Street. Alexis Lane of sponsors of the Head Partnership Solicitors, deputising for Richard Rodway, welcomed through the door a choir of around 20 children from Gillotts school, to the terrace and make shift stage. A large audience had assembled on the lawn in the gardens which had again been illuminated so magically and festively by Hugh Legh. One of Henley’s hidden gems, the audience had to find their way through the grotto of trees to access the lawn where they were met by the hosts gazebo serving warm mulled wine and mince pies...

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